General Terms & Conditions of Sale (T&C)

These are our General Terms & Conditions of Sale:

Article 1. Purpose

The following General Terms & Conditions of Sale define the contractual relationship between AudioSource SA and the buyer, as well as the terms & conditions applicable to all purchases made via the website AudioSource SA whether by a professional or private buyer. The acquisition of a good or service via this site implies the buyer’s unreserved acceptance of these General Terms & Conditions of Sale. AudioSource SA reserves the right to modify these terms & conditions of sale at any time. In the event of such a modification, the terms & conditions applied at the time of sale will be those in force on the date of the buyer’s order.

Article 2. Nature of goods and services being offered

The products and services offered for sale are those featured in the catalogue published on the site AudioSource SA.

These products and services are offered for sale subject to stock availability.

Each product is accompanied by a description provided by the supplier. For certain products, i.e. those marked ‘PDF’, the buyer can also consult the supplier documentation.

Article 2a. Photographs

The photographs featured in the catalogue are as close to reality as possible, but may not be exactly identical to the product offered, especially in terms of colours.

Articles 2b. Descriptions

The technical information and links are for informational purposes only. The technical specifications and/or contents of the delivered product may differ from the information provided by the manufacturer or featured on its website.

Under no circumstances shall AudioSource SA be held liable for any errors that may be contained therein.

Article 3. Orders

Customers purchasing a product or a service are required to:

– fill in the identification form including all the requested information (name, address, and customer number where applicable).
– confirm the order after having checked it
– make the payment as per instructions given
– submit the order, and accept the terms & conditions of sale.

By placing an order, buyers certify that they are 18 or over. If under the age of 18, the order must be placed by a legal guardian.

Article 3a. Order Confirmation

On confirming the order, buyers acknowledge that they have read and agree to these terms & conditions of sale, and waive their right to assert their own conditions of purchase or any other conditions.

All the data provided by the customer as well as the recorded confirmation shall constitute proof of the sales transaction.

Confirmation implies signature and acceptance of the transaction relating to the order placed.

AudioSource SA will send the buyer an order confirmation email.

Article 3b. Order cancellation and returns

As a general rule, once purchased, goods cannot be returned.

The return of delivered goods is possible in certain exceptional cases provided the items have not been damaged or opened, and are still in their original packaging. The right of withdrawal does not apply to orders of products specifically intended for the customer: software licences, specific goods, etc.

Article 4. Pricing

Prices indicated on the site AudioSource SA are in Swiss francs and include VAT (at the rate applicable on the day of the order); any change in the rate of TVA may be reflected in the price of goods or services.

Article 4a. Price changes

AudioSource SA reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, with the understanding that the price indicated on the website on the day of the order will be the only price charged. In the event of a pricing error on a product, AudioSource SA reserves the right to modify that price and to allow customers to cancel their order if they do not agree with the new price.

Article 4b. Bundles and Deals

Some items have the particularity of benefiting from a "Deal" price or a special price in the form of a "Bundle". These special offers are limited in quantity or time and can be withdrawn or cancelled at any time depending on available stock.

Article 4c. Shipping and delivery charges

Prices indicated on the site AudioSource SA do not include shipping and delivery charges; these are added prior to payment, and calculated based on the size and/or weight of the goods being ordered.

Article 5. Payment methods

For payments to AudioSource SA, customers can choose between seven different payment methods.

Article 5a. Payment before delivery

The buyer will receive an invoice by email including the bank details ofAudioSource SA, and should make the payment as soon as possible to ensure their order is dispatched as quickly as possible.

Article 5b. Cash on delivery

With this payment method, buyers pay on delivery of their order. The buyer must sign and send the email order confirmation beforehand so that AudioSource SA can check the type and nature of the buyer.

Each order is subject to a 15.- postal fee.

In the event of non-receipt of the parcel by the buyer, we reserve the right to charge the costs incurred by the shipment, the return and any other costs related to this non-receipt.

Article 5c. Cash payment at AudioSource SA

The buyer can pay directly at the premises of AudioSource SA. We accept credits cards, PostCard payment cards, and Maestro cards.

Article 5d. Payment by credit card

You can pay for your order safely and securely with a Eurocard/Mastercard or VISA card. All payment data is processed and validated by the official organization Datatrans.

Article 5e. Payment by PostFinance Debit Direct or PostCard

You can pay for your order safely and securely with PostFinance Debit Direct card or a PostCard.

Article 5f. Twint

TWINT is a fast and easy payment solution. When paying, a QR code is generated and must be scanned to make the payment. Once your order has been placed, you will automatically receive a confirmation of your transaction by e-mail to the address indicated.

Article 5g. Payment by PayPal

You can pay for your order safely and securely with a PayPal account.

Article 5h. Purchase on invoice with partial payment option (POWERPAY)

MF Group/POWERPAY is a Swiss payment processor specialized in invoicing. Payment can be made over 12 or 24 months subject to approval by MF Group/POWERPAY.

AudioSource SA shall not be held responsible for any changes made to the payment period by MF Group/POWERPAY.

Pay with ease; you only need to provide your address and date of birth. A credit check is performed immediately. You will know in real time whether you are eligible for this payment method.

When using this payment method, please ensure your billing address is identical to your shipping address, and you are at least 18 years old.

In the event of non-eligibility, only the company MF Group AG is in a position to justify its decision.

As an external payment provider, MF Group/POWERPAY offers the payment option ‘Pay by invoice’. You can simply pay for your online purchase by invoice using the order invoice. If you do not make the payment within the specified period, you will receive a subsequent monthly invoice the following month with an order overview.

When a purchase agreement is made, POWERPAY takes on the amount receivable and processes it using the payment method selected. By selecting purchase by invoice, you are also agreeing to our GTC, POWERPAY’s GTC. (powerpay.ch/en/agb).

The use of POWERPAY is reserved to individuals over the age of 18 who have not lost their civil rights, earn a regular income and who reside either in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

Article 6. Deliveries

Order deliveries are sent via a postal service or carrier to the address indicated at the time of placing the order unless otherwise specified by the buyer.

Article 6a. Geographical area

The online sale of products and services featured on the Site AudioSource SA is reserved to buyers residing in Switzerland.

Article 6b. Delivery risk

Any delivery risks shall be borne by the buyer once the products have left AudioSource’s premises. In the event of damage during transit, any complaint should be lodged with the carrier within three days of delivery.

Article 6c. Delivery times

The delivery times indicated are only an estimation. The usual delivery time for orders placed on the site AudioSource SA is 2-5 days. Nonetheless, this may vary depending on the manufacturer as well as availability of stocks in Switzerland at the time of placing the order.

Article 7. Warranty

AudioSource offers a minimum 3-year warranty on the vast majority of its products (N.B. for products purchased after 1 January 2013) with the exception of consumables (e.g. batteries, bulbs, fuses, usable read heads, etc.) which come with a shorter warranty. In the event a product still under warranty develops a fault, it can be returned to AudioSource SA for repair or exchange (please note shipping costs are to be borne by the customer).

Returns should be sent to the following address: AudioSource SA, Chemin de Boissonnet 90, 1010 Lausanne, Switzerland. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use or handling or as a result of failure to observe the operating instructions. This especially includes damage caused by external shocks or by liquid. Only the manufacturer is a position to determine whether the damage is covered or not by the warranty.

The buyer should immediately report any defect or fault found during the warranty period. Should the buyer fail to inform AudioSource, the latter reserves the right not to provide warranty coverage. In the event the buyer decides to contact the manufacturer directly or another repair service, AudioSource may decide to waive responsibility for warranty coverage. AudioSource reserves the right in exceptional cases to shorten the warranty period if circumstances arise that are prejudicial to AudioSource.

Article 8. Free disposal of equipment not collected by the customer in the event of out-of-warranty repairs

If the customer does not collect the article deposited for repair, respectively for a repair quote, within 30 days of receipt of the second reminder sent to the postal or e-mail address indicated on the order form, AudioSource SA is entitled to dispose of it freely (resale, recycling, destruction, etc.).
AudioSource SA is also entitled to deposit the entrusted item in a storage facility at the customer's expense and risk.
Any disposal or recycling costs are at the customer's expense.

Article 9. Liability of AudioSource

As an online retailer, the liability of AudioSource SA is limited to an obligation of means; it cannot be held liable for any damage or loss resulting from the use of the Internet such as losses of data, breaches, computer viruses, losses of service, or other issues beyond its control or which are unintentional.

Article 10. Data protection

AudioSource SA undertakes to observe the provisions laid down by the Swiss federal data protection law. All personal data shared by the customer is processed and treated confidentially, and is under no circumstances transferred to third parties. Customers can modify their personal data at any time, or request it be deleted.

Article 11. Archiving - Proof

AudioSource SA archives its order forms and invoices on a reliable and durable storage device, thereby ensuring a faithful copy.

The computerised records held by AudioSource SA shall be deemed by both parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.

Article 12. Settlement of disputes

These terms and conditions of online sale are subject to Swiss law.

In the event of a dispute, the Cantonal Court of Lausanne shall have jurisdiction, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or introduction of third parties.